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A friend of mine came to me in need of a logo for her Macrame business. We wanted to keep it true to theme with a little feel of bohemian. She needed a logo, business cards and some marketing materials. Skills: concept, typography, logo creation Programs: illustrator, photoshop

Woven Birch

As a project for a class I was assigned Women’s Day. With this day we had to create a branding and social media plan. I wanted to keep a feminime theme and showcase how powerful women are. Skills: concept, typography Programs: illustrator, photoshop

Women’s Day (Assignment)

As a project for our portfolio I decided to showcase all my skills and put it into one project highlighting my photography and design. Skills: concept, typography, photography Programs: illustrator, indesign, lightroom, photoshop

Wedding Suite

We were tasked with creating an informational PDF for a non-profit. Wiht my love of dogs, I chose to do one of the Madison area dog rescues. Skills: concept, typography, layout Programs: illustrator, indesign, photoshop

Diamond Dog Rescue Informational PDF (Assignment)

When given a project to redesign a local area business logo, my heart gravitated toward food. I gave the original Greenbush Bakery logo a more modern, fun and clean look while incorporating their signature item, the Kosher donut and their recognizable green. Skills: concept, illustration, photography Programs: illustrator, indesign, lightroom, photoshop

Greenbush Bakery Redesign (Assignment)

I wanted to give this fun local company a new look. I wanted to keep what they were all about – their family farm and keeping the family together when working. I gave them a logo, badge to start. After sketching and discussing with the owners, we added in some promotional products and packaging for […]

The Farm Kitchen Branding