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It’s always so special getting to capture graduation photos and celebrating how big of a milestone it is. It’s even more special when you get to graduate at the same time with your dad! Congrats to Kalie on her bachelors in XX from the University of Wisconsin and her dad Dustin on his bachelor’s of […]

2 Graduations Are Better Than One

I’ve gotten to do Clay’s 2 older sister’s senior photos and now his and it’s such an honor! Clay is headed into the trades after school and is just excited to get a hockey season this year!

Clay | Senior

I swear, you would think Savannah was a model the way she was so comfortable in front of the camera and the way she would pose herself before I even gave her any direction! Meet Savannah: High School: Madison LaFolletteHometown: MadisonFavorite Food: Tortilla ChipsDream Car: MercedesFavorite Class: Chemistry5 Words that describe you: Social, Intelligent, Articulate, […]

Senior | Savannah

Walking around during Jameson’s session, I learned he’s a guy who likes to get things done and has a creative future! Meet Jameson: High School: Madison LaFolletteHometown: MadisonDream School: UW-MadisonDream Car: Tesla Model X / BMW M3Favorite Food: Chinese Food5 Words that describe you: Introvert, Creative, Over thinker, Respectful, Smart

Senior | Jameson

Let me tell you, Parker is going places. He’s smart and full of hidden talents! Meet Parker: High School: Madison LaFolletteHometown: MadisonDream Job: Sports ReporterFavorite Food: PizzaHidden Talent: Juggling

Senior | Parker

Alex is fully of great stories and such a bubbly personality! Meet Alex: High School: VeronaHometown: Verona

Senior | Alex