I picked up the letterpress class one of the last semesters of college as a filler class and 6 years later I’m still hanging out in the print shop (thus further extending me never leaving school). I’ve been making greeting cards, posters & prints as just another creative outlet and to get some time away from the computer and with the time I've spent printing, fell completely in love with the process.
Letterpress adds an added level of sincerity and authenticity to designs and to your final printed piece. It’s a technique that combines craftsmanship and paying attention to delicate details.

If you're interested in a handmade one-of-a-kind project such as thank you cards or poster for your upcoming event / wedding or are looking for some fun greeting cards to send to friends and family, please reach out! I'd be happy to help bring your idea to life! 

Letterpress printing is a historic form of printing that gives your project an elevated look and feel. 

Letterpress Printing

I'm super proud of the cards and prints that I've created from concept to completion. 

I've got a handful of my favorite cards and prints on my Etsy shop. If you don't see what you're looking for, please reach out and I can get you taken care of! 

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