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Welcome friends! I'm so glad you're here! Grab a cup of coffee or glass or wine and stay awhile! 

I got to meet Reid for his senior pictures as part of my mini sessions a few weeks ago! He’s super smart and is even in a band with some friends AND they got to play the homecoming parade!

Reid | Madison West Senior

I’ve gotten to do Clay’s 2 older sister’s senior photos and now his and it’s such an honor! Clay is headed into the trades after school and is just excited to get a hockey season this year!

Clay | Senior

I swear, you would think Savannah was a model the way she was so comfortable in front of the camera and the way she would pose herself before I even gave her any direction! Meet Savannah: High School: Madison LaFolletteHometown: MadisonFavorite Food: Tortilla ChipsDream Car: MercedesFavorite Class: Chemistry5 Words that describe you: Social, Intelligent, Articulate, […]

Senior | Savannah

Walking around during Jameson’s session, I learned he’s a guy who likes to get things done and has a creative future! Meet Jameson: High School: Madison LaFolletteHometown: MadisonDream School: UW-MadisonDream Car: Tesla Model X / BMW M3Favorite Food: Chinese Food5 Words that describe you: Introvert, Creative, Over thinker, Respectful, Smart

Senior | Jameson

Let me tell you, Parker is going places. He’s smart and full of hidden talents! Meet Parker: High School: Madison LaFolletteHometown: MadisonDream Job: Sports ReporterFavorite Food: PizzaHidden Talent: Juggling

Senior | Parker

Alex is fully of great stories and such a bubbly personality! Meet Alex: High School: VeronaHometown: Verona

Senior | Alex